The Milliondollarhomepage Clones

After the success of the a lot of people started thinking: “I can do that too!” And so they did. I have no problem with this if the copycat-version is done in an original way. I found two examples which are interesting enough to have a look at. Perhaps they even bring a smile to your face.

First: On the website you will find a screenshot of the desktop of the guy who runs it. For 100 dollar you can have your own icon put on his desktop. And naturally this icon will link to a website of your choice.

Second: Here the Milliondollarhomepage concept is brought to life. Instead of pixels you can buy real-life coloured blocks. When you buy a block it will be placed in the room of the guy who runs the site. Then he will take a pic of the result so you can have a look at it on the website. The final goal is to actually fill the room with colourful blocks.

You know any other Milliondollarhomepage clones? Let me know…

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