Carnaval starts tomorrow in the place where I live. Like every year I will celebrate this together with two good friends of mine. This year we’ll walk around dressed up as Magnum, PI. All three of us will have a handmade cardboard version of the Magnum Ferrari hanging around our waists (see pics above and below). If you’re wondering what that will look like then bookmark this website. Pics of the full Magnum-look will be posted here soon.

Since carnaval lastst for three days the posts on Fresh Creation will probably not be as daily as normally. But when carnaval is over I’ll be back with new Fresh Creations. And perhaps even already before that. Have a good weekend everybody!

PS Still no clue who Magnum, PI is?: watch this videoclip.


  1. Where did you them made? I need one for a fancy dress party and found your site on