Deleting Digg Stories

Digg is a website that turns everyone into a reader, an editor and a journalist. Today I visited Digg to submit a story about a 2 minute Honda Civic film. Unfortunately while submitting the story Digg got stuck. The confirmation-page never appeared and so I assumed that the posting didn’t make it to the ‘queued stories’ section of Digg. I hit the back-button and submitted the story for the second time. Only to find out that it appeared on Digg twice now! So the first time did work…

I decided to delete one of the two stories but there was no option available to do this! Result: 1) a lot of Digg-users got annoyed because they thought I was spamming, 2) the votes for the same story got divided between two stories, 3) the amount of duplicate stories on Digg went up. Conclusion: Digg, please add a delete-option that is available to the submitter for at least 15 minutes after he/she submits a story. Thank you on behalf of me (and a lot of other Diggers, I think).


I’m not a Digg user, but i found it very weird that you have to sign up to digg something too. I’m not going to write stories but when i see something i think is worth digging i’d like to. But to sign up just for that? It’s costing them diggs…

geplaatst door ROULETTE op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

Huh? Signing up takes literally seconds. It’s one of the more hassle free subscriptions out there. If there are no sign ups then anyone can participate which means spam and etc.

I agree with this article though, a delete button only makes sense. I know they’re working hard to roll out some wicked features; it’s always the simplest of features that make sense.

geplaatst door ROULETTE op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

Yeah, letting users delete their own story would be something that would be very useful. I know I would have used it once or twice.


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geplaatst door ROULETTE op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am
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