New Google Logo

After Google released a new Gmail logo to complement the addition of Talk, a Flickr-user thought that changing the actual Google logo to match would be a good idea. Well done, I think. What’s your opinion?


This is really cool. I like it alot.

geplaatst door 88 op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

I think the general idea is right, but it’s maybe just a bit over faded.

geplaatst door finer op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

Same same but different…

geplaatst door 70 op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

The colors seem washed out and are less striking than the original logo.

geplaatst door batum op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

new one is too washed-out. if more color was added it would look a lot better than the old one.

geplaatst door JPAMorgan op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

Like the old one better, becouse of the colors.

geplaatst door Sc@ op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

I have played around with things like that, I tend to like it better with a bit more embossing.

geplaatst door ACS op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

I like the new version better. It looks less old-fashioned than the original Google logo.

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 04.27.08 om 1:36 pm
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