Six Reasons Why I Love My Powerbook

Little more than a month ago I bought a 12 inch Powerbook G4. My first Apple (why does Sony come to mind now?). What a great product! What a great product! Yes, twice. There are few products out there that actually make people really happy. But this is certainly one of them. The Apple 12 inch Powerbook G4. Here’s a short list of the reasons why I like it so much.[b]1. Its looks[/b]
Most of the time I use the Powerbook while traveling by train. And every time I take it out of my backpack people look up. Some even start giving me compliments. And I understand why they start doing that: the incredible ‘less is more’ design!

[b]2. Its ease of use[/b]
As with people also ‘the inside counts’. Since I was a PC-user (sounds like admitting I’m a smoker) I had to get used to the way the Powerbook worked. But after a short time I got the hang of it and now I wouldn’t want it any other way. Simple and logical navigation combined with a powerful processor on the inside make it a pleasure to work with this small laptop.

[b]3. Its size[/b]
Small. Yes. It perfectly slides into the laptop-compartment of my backpack. No extra laptop-case needed. The 12 inch screen is sufficient. Since I mostly use the Powerbook only while traveling 12 inch is enough for me. No huge screen but just the size to do the job and, unlike some bigger laptops, it can easily fit the small ‘desks’ which most trainseats in Holland have. For people who work long hours on their laptop the 15 or 17 inch version might be more suitable.

[b]4. Its price[/b]
I bought the Powerbook for about 1200 euros (1450 US dollars). A great price since most 12 inch laptops will cost you 1600 euros. I did use an internet-only shop to get this deal though. I know people can be hesitant to buy at a web-shop but my advice is to just check out the web for other customer-experiences with the same web-shop. Bad web-shops usually get a lot of bad exposure on the web through complaints of customers. An easy way to get to know which web-shops you should avoid.

[b]5. Its quietness[/b]
The Powerbook is really quiet. It’s so quiet that I kept pushing the powerbutton because I didn’t believe that it was doing anything. Only when you put in a DVD or a cd you can hear it start making noise.

[b]6. Its packaging[/b]
The packaging totally suits the Powerbook. It also looks great. Simple. Less is more. And I like that. I like it when a company puts effort into details. It makes the feeling for me as a customer even bigger that I bought something good. Something special. Thank you, Apple.


Yeah, man. The PowerBook is one of a kind.
I’m not into 12″ screens that much, but for sure it’s stunning.

I used to have a G3 PowerBook, and now on a Pavilion, hopefuly will get my MacBook Pro soon. I don’t like the name that much. Wouldn’t it be MacTop instead ?!

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