The Best Fatboy Slim Videoclips

Fatboy Slim not only makes some great music but his videoclips are really original and funny too. Since it’s Saturday, here are the two best Fatboy Slim videoclips: “Praise You” and “Weapons Of Choice”.

The “Praise You” video was shot after Fatboy Slim’s performance at the Mayan Theatre in LA. It was taped on the lam outside a Westwood theatre, in one take under 10 minutes. The dancers are from the “Torrance Community Dance Group”, the theatre managers and bouncers appearances were unscheduled. So was a break dancing Michael Jackson impersonator (who was cut from the video).

More about the “Praise You” video.Fatboy Slim emerged as the big winner during MTV’s Video Music Awards in 2001, taking home six Moonman awards for his “Weapon of Choice” video (starring Christopher Walken), which was directed by Spike Jonze.


these have been around for years

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So you mean it’s not ‘fresh’? 😉

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