It started out with the Subservient Chicken by Burger King. Then we had the Seite1Girl by C&A. And Robin just mailed me the Virtual Bartender 2. All these websites are based on the same concept: letting visitors boss around other people. It’s only the actors and the commands to which these actors respond that change.

From a concept point of view The Seite1Girl is still my favourite because it made a connection between the online and the offline world by showing the Seite1Girl in the real-life shoppingwindow of a C&A store in Germany. Also recording the responses of people passing by the shoppingwindow and showing the results online was a fresh move. The Virtual Bartender 2, as the name already indicates, is more of the same thing. Still good fun though… 😉


  1. I still occasionally play with the bartenders, but if If you’d like a measure of how long they’ve been around, ask for an “Ashley Simpson”.

  2. You mean the pic, right? I thought the Virtual Bartenders would ignore the command ‘eat’ but instead they started eating bananas… Couldn’t help turning the sight into a pic 😉