Japanese Rube Goldberg Machines

These are incredible machines in the style of Rube Goldberg (great complexity to complete a very simple task). Apparently they were shown on a Japanese televisionprogram. It reminds me of this Honda Accord commercial.


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The clips are titled “Pitagora Suicchi”, which is engrish for “Pythagoras Switch”. Those are also the lyrics which are sung at the end of most of the clips. The clips premiered on NHK (a national public network in Japan … like PBS in America) starting back in February 2006, and you can find most of the original ones here:


The clips were re-broadcast on TV Tokyo (a popular Japanese television network). The clips haven’t really gained Western popularity until DatteBayo, a group that is well-known for fan-subtitling episodes of Naruto, saw the clips on TV Tokyo, decided to encode all the clips in one file, and released it through their own channels.

Google Video fails for not being able to correct their video information.

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Amazing!!!! WOW

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Thanks for the extra information in your comment, ‘Pythagoras Switch’! I appreciate it.

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