Velomobile – Hightech Laydown Bicycle

Here’s a short clip of a hightech recumbent bicycle which I saw today in front of the Central Station in Amsterdam. Cool!

These kinds of bicycles are called Velomobiles. The IHPVA website and the Dutch Velomobiel website contain more information and pics.

Thanks to Random J. Nerd for the extra info in the comments.

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They are called Velomobiles. The IHPVA maintains a discussion list. Builders include “Leitra”, and “Mango”.

geplaatst door bestromesmobed op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

the English therm for ‘ligfiets’ is recumbent bicycle 😉

geplaatst door Wouter op 06.03.11 om 4:53 pm

@wouter: Thnx… 🙂
Is aangepast.

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