War Robot Brings Back Injured Soldiers

The patent-pending Vecna BEAR robot (Battlefield Extraction and Retrieval Robot) is designed to find, pick up and rescue people in harm’s way, the humanoid BEAR robot can do what humans can’t: Lift heavy loads and carry them long distances. Whether on a battlefield, in a nuclear reactor core, near a toxic chemical spill, or inside a structurally-compromised building after an earthquake, the BEAR can rescue those in need as well as or better than humans can, without risking additional human life.
The BEAR is currently in proof-of-concept development stage. A prototype of the BEAR robot has been built and outfitted with a powerful torso and arms, together with a Segway-like dynamic balancing system on two wheels. Together, the robot prototype has been able to demonstrate picking up a fully-weighted human dummy, and carrying the dummy around in its arms while dynamically balanced in an upright position for over 50 minutes without break. The tracked mobility system is currently in development.

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