Fresh Creation 2.0

Fresh Creation has gone through some changes. Since this site is all about inspiring people by showing them great ideas, the focus of the site should also be on those ideas. That’s why I gave the site a cleaner look to make the ideas stand out more.

New on Fresh Creation are the News Scans. These pages are made for you to quickly scan other fresh creations on the web within the following fields of interest: advertising, art, cars, design, gadgets, lifestyle and webdesign.

Another new feature is the Fresh Creation newsletter (right side of this page). It is made to keep you inspired by bringing a Fresh Creation idea, product, concept or report to your mailbox. Every month.

Due to the high amount of comment spam on this site you now have to be a Fresh Creator before you can leave a comment. In order to become a Fresh Creator you have to register yourself. Besides being able to leave comments and being allowed to call yourself a Fresh Creator (!), other ‘member-only features’ will be introduced in the future.

Should you want to give me feedback about the new Fresh Creation site then please leave a comment or use the contact-form to let me know what you (dis)like or what bugs you may have run into. Also requests for new features are welcome. In the meantime I hope you enjoy Fresh Creation 2.0.

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