O Dynamic Games – New Old Family Fun

Today I ran into a really exciting gaming installation at the Eday event. It’s called O dynamic games and it combines the sensation of today’s computer games and the good old family fun of classic board games. This combination will physically challenge the users while it creates a social environment that brings friends and family together… Okay, I admit that I got the last two lines from the cover of the DVD about ‘O dynamic games’, but what it says is true.Because of the large, round shape of the ‘O dynamics games’ players have to actively move around the game console while trying to push the right buttons. Various games can be played at various levels. So there’s something for everyone. Action/reaction games, mental and strategy games and many more. Depending on the selected game, two to ten players can participate.

In the video below you see how three players have to push buttons with a certain colour as fast as possible. But they only have to push the buttons with the colour that they picked. At the end the console makes clear who won by turning all the buttons in the winning colour.

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