Little Man Tate are a four-piece indie band from Sheffield, England. Their witty and sexual lyrics have led to an increasingly growing fan base, mainly through internet forums and message boards, such as those relating to other Sheffield-based bands like Arctic Monkeys. Many have been predicting Little Man Tate will have a similar rise to fame as their Sheffield counterparts.The funny thing about the video of the song ‘The Agent’ (below) is that its total cost was 6.99 pounds. That was the price for the 3 tapes that were needed to shoot it. They were on sale too. 😉

Another video. ‘Hello miss lovely’. The things you can do with LEGO.

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  1. Yes, bargain! Also saw the Kooks there for a merely 6 euro’s (now Paradiso is sold out 2 months in advance) I don’t think i’ll make it, such a shame.

  2. Yes so i heard.. at IN10 the Kooks are popular as well 🙂

  3. The Kooks are getting really popular… Did you see this post about them: