The Strangest Steam Powered Robots

A steam powered crab, spider, centipede, turtle and lobster are just some of the robots that you will find in the Strangest Steam Powered Robots Collection. And here’s the website of the guy who made them.[b]Steam Powered Centipede[/b]

[b]Steam Powered Spider[/b]

[b]Steam Powered Crab[/b]

[b]Steam Powered Turtle[/b]

[b]Steam Hauler[/b]

[b]Steam Hauler Pull[/b]

[b]Steam Turtle And Hare Race[/b]

[b]Steam Tank Lobster[/b]

[b]Steam Tank[/b]

[b]Steam Tank Trilobite[/b]

[b]Steam Powered Rover[/b]

[b]Steam Walker[/b]

[b]Steam Mini 4×4[/b]

[b]Steam Mini Tractor[/b]

[b]Steam Toys[/b]

[b]Steam Powered Armatron[/b]

[b]Steam Rowboat Mechanism[/b]

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