Wildlife Drive-By-Projection

This is a really cool project called Wildlife. It’s about projecting wild animals on buildings at night from moving cars. But they programmed the whole thing in such a way that the animal’s speed corresponds the speed of the moving car.The animal’s movements are programmed to correspond to the speed of the car: as the car moves, the animal runs along it speeding up and slowing down with the car, as the car stops, the animal stops also. The framerate of the movie corresponds to the speed of the wheel rotation, picked up by a sensor. If the presence of a moving object (such as another car or pedestrian) is detected with proximity sensors, its animal “avatar” appears in the projection.

Wildlife was made by Karolina Sobecka and it reminds me a lot of the Parasite project which also projected animals on walls from a moving vehicle (train). The added feature of making the speed of the animal correspond with the speed of the car is very cool though!

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