Audi R8 Mini Site Is An Online Testdrive

The mini site that Audi introduced for their R8 is so well made that you actually get a sense of what it would be like to own one. And I would like to own one. Stunning webdesign.Bonus video of Audi R8

Audi R8 test drive in the desert of Nevada



yea except the load times are outrageous – even on a cabel modem the user does a lot more waiting around than actually enjoying the site. I didn’t end up making it through the whole thing despite the fact that the car looks worth checking out more.

geplaatst door Anonymous op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

possibly… at least they could have preloaded a lot more at once instead of constantly stopping the action to load more content. They also kind of trick you into thinking that after the first long load time you’d be ready to go but then they just load another pre-screen and you wait through another long load. Finally you start cruising only to start loading again a little ways down the track. The user experience should be as seamless as possible especially because constant stopping to load content takes away especially in this case since it should be a single experience.

I’d be happier on a T-1 line but my download speeds are roughly 460k so that should certainly be fast enough to deal with current web content. Not to disrespect the site or the movie at all but there’s no way most people will have the patience to sit through this which is a big design flaw… I’m actually interested in Audis and I got bored and pissed after all the loading… so with me at least the mission was not accomplished by Audi.

geplaatst door Anonymous op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

well 460k download speed is fast and certainly not slower than the average home line. and its unlikely that only executives on T-1 or T-3 lines at work would be viewing this. At home, even rich people, don’t have much faster lines than what I’m using… and regardless, even if the wait times were shorter I still don’t think its right to keep interrupting the movie with any load times at all… it just makes it a jarring experience.

i’m most interested in the A3 and not because its one of the cheapest 🙂 — it makes the most sense for the uses i’d need a car for… but honestly, i’m mostly only interested in Hybrids right now although I’d love to see a plug-in hybrid or a plug-in electric available by the time i need a new car (sometime in the next 4-6 years).

geplaatst door Anonymous op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

Well… They did create a lot of buzz with their new R8 website. They were even able to have us talk about it… 😉

PS Honda introduced a Civic Hybrid… Perhaps it’s something for you.

geplaatst door Martijn op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

True that they created buzz and that we’re talking about it but remember that I never made it through more than half of the movie since it was so tedious with the interruptions so the product was offered and not delivered… like a really good looking but poor tasting snack. On the other hand I’m enjoying our debates… ultimately the Civic Hybrid (which we’ve had here for a few years) I think is an in-between step towards some great cars… I’d love to see a Honda Fit hybrid but most of all I’d love to see plug-in electrics. Interesting that the US had a great plug-in fully electric car made by Ford called the EV-1 and politicians (backed by oil companies) basically forced it out of production — this was 5 years ago… I can only imagine what kind of great electric cars we would have today had the EV-1 stuck around. There’s a number of major groups very upset about the EV-1 being forced out of operation and many people in the US are demanding better transportation options. One of the most interesting things happening here now is Car Sharing services… where you pay a small monthly fee to be part of a large network of cars and you simply reserve time to use a car by phone or online and then you just walk to a parking garage near you where there are cars waiting that you can use and pay for hourly. I talk about it and give links at my blog so check it out here: [url=][/url] (it’s at the bottom)

geplaatst door Anonymous op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

Did you see [url=]this documentary[/url] by any chance?

geplaatst door Martijn op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

I plant to see it… i’ve read articles regarding the EV-1 and saw the trailer for this film which is supposed to be really well done. Also, I took an American Studies class at University some years ago that discussed the death of the Electric Tram in America. Most major cities here had fully functioning, extensive electric tram networks and were the primary mode of transport for most people. Then the automobile manufacturers realized that auto sales were slow and they needed to get the population addicted to cars so they introduced and spent insane amounts of money and political power promoting Gasoline Buses as an alternative to the Trams. The buses were actually quite a failure but the ad campaign for them worked so well that most people got tricked into accepting bus plans for their cities and by the time they realized that the the bus was inferior to the tram, it was too late. So most American cities lost their electric railway systems to buses and eventually the lack of efficient bus transport led to a more mass use of the personal car which led to more traffic and bigger roads, less sidewalks, wide highways, sprawling urban developement, parking lots, strip malls and every other horrible thing about American cities. The only places that survived are places that are geographically limited such as the peninsula that San Francisco is on, the island of Manhattan, etc.

geplaatst door Anonymous op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

Yes, I must admit that the load times are long. But the result is worth waiting for, I think….

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 04.27.08 om 1:36 pm

I understand what you’re saying…

I’m not defending Audi but perhaps they think that people who can afford and would consider an Audi R8 are also the people that have extremely fast internet connections…..

PS Just out of curiosity: Which Audi are you interested in?

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 04.27.08 om 1:36 pm
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