Motivation Songs That Make You Want To Quit

If I had just been hired as an employee for Ernst & Young or for Axa then I think I would be ready to resign after listening to the ‘motivation songs’ of these companies. Watch the videos.

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Classic! If I showed up at any company that produced this I would have to gouge my eyes out. Seriously, what kind of idiots think this crap has any effect on company morale? If anything I think it would have the opposite effect.

geplaatst door Bri op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

Ewww! Those songs made me throw up a little in my mouth!

geplaatst door Mike op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

on the 2nd video, right after the girl says “oh happy day” the first time, they show a guy in the crowd who looks a lot like dwight from the office. Minor Amusement for me

geplaatst door Mark op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am
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