Nissan Bevel – Car For The Woodstock Generation

The Nissan Bevel is a concept car which is made for the 60 year old babyboomer generation. This is probably the first time that a car manufacturer is actually coming up with a car specifically for elderly people. It’s still pretty hightech with its internet-connection, a light on the dashboard for when you have new messages and a hybrid engine. Watch the video.


Surprised there are no comments!

Anyway, this concept meets many of the ideas I have been long developing as one of those “aging VW Bus driving Boomers with many hobbies and work needs.”

I don’t like pick-up trucks because the open bed is not good for moving music instruments or dogs, the fold flat front seat is great for long ladders and such, the easy-clean interior is great. If there was a series of interior T-slot rails to allow attaching beds, shelves, bike racks or whatever, that would be nice – don’t know about the lugs on the roof…

The asymmetrical features and some exterior design will be a hard sell, but the overall concept I think has a lot of promise. Being a hybrid with some off-pavement capability is also good. Don’t go too far with 55+ age marketing – they tried the reverse of that with the Element and the Fit and found a lot of us older folks who like the idea of a utilitarian vehicle that works in a lot of different ways (just like many younger folks do.) “Swiss Army Knifes” sell to a wide market, if they are well made and work as they are supposed to!

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