Top 10 Of Things To Play Pong With

Here’s the top 10 of things to play Pong with. It includes brains, Roddick, a dress, cars, alcohol, two hands, candles, pain, skateboards and three asses. Watch the videos here.[b]1. Pong With Brains[/b]

Playing Pong while using only your brains to move the lines. Loads of equipment is needed but it’s amazing.

[b]2. Pong With Roddick[/b]

Great American Express commercial where Andy Roddick meets Pong as his opponent.

[b]3. Pong With A Dress[/b]

This dress can be used to play Pong on. It is made by Max Moswitzer and Margarete Jahrmann to “dissolute the boundaries between body and screen”. I guess this dress is what some like to call wearable technology art.

[b]4. Pong With Cars[/b]

[b]5. Pong With Alcohol[/b][b]6. Pong With Two Hands[/b]
This online Nokia game enables you to play Pong by yourself. With two hands!


[b]7. Pong With Candles[/b]

Here’s a great stop motion animation made out of candles. See if you can spot all the retro games. The matching music helps…

[b]8. Pong With Pain[/b]

Playing Pong on the PainStation is not without risk. Your hands get electric shocks if you don’t play well.

[b]9. Pong Without Computers[/b]

[b]10. Pong With Your Ass[/b]

The Weeble is a new gameconcept made by Debby Thebrath which invites players to sit down on a seat and participate in a game in a physically active way. The thing is that your seat is your controller during the game. To use your controller you have to move your ass while playing.

In the video you see how Debby is playing Pong. The other two seats/controllers are not used while she’s playing but you get a pretty good idea of what the Weeble is about. Other retro games like PacMan, Tron and Space Invaders or completely new gameconcepts can also be played on the Weeble.

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