Film School Students Produce Amazing Short Film

During their third term of the course Diploma Digital Artist at the German Film School this amazing short film, called Mt.Sat, was produced by Bastian Wartenberg, Till Keller, Patrick Geiss and Dirk Paepen. I’m curious if everything in the 3 minute clip (not counting intro and credits) was done on the computer or if I’m watching a blend of digital and real life material. Anyone has a clue? Anyway, watch the video.



It seems to be all CG-made to me.
Nice film, even if I can’t undersand all the speak 🙂

geplaatst door Longinus op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

Looks like it’s all CG to me. I don’t know what part of it would be live action.

geplaatst door dshire op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

@Longinus: If it’s all CG-made then this must’ve been such a huge amount of work. Unbelievable.

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 04.27.08 om 1:36 pm
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