Olga Mink, a.k.a. VJ Oxygen, was using some really cool media editing tools during the AutoRAI in Amsterdam. The media that she was editing consisted of text-messages, photos and videos that were made of or by AutoRAI-visitors. Each 20 minutes the result was projected on a big screen at the Ford-stand. This whole multimedia-concept was created by Imagination (London). Watch the video to see the really cool media editing tool in action.


  1. This multimedia concept was used in Geneva autoshow in march (see [url=http://www.designersinteractifs.com/site/index.php?2007/03/19/38-salon-de-geneve-2007)]http://www.designersinteractifs.com/site/index.php?2007/03/19/38-salon-de-geneve-2007)[/url]

  2. Nice explanation of the system by Olga! More details about the software can be found on our website at


    I’m one of the programmers of the software, it sure is great to see it running smoothly on the show!

    Thanks for making the cool video