Yes, Design Can Make You Happy

Analyzing a list of things that have made him happy, graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister realized that almost half of the items were in some way related to design. In this 15 minute presentation, he shares the details of some of those moments, and gives props to three artists whose work has had a positive impact on his world.



Die presentatie maakt me vrolijk!
toffe lijstjes! ik ben ook iemand van lijstjes alleen schrijf ik ze niet veel op 😛

geplaatst door Jixop op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am

@Jixop: Good to hear that the presentation made you happy… 😉

PS Could you write your comments in English from now on so other visitors know what you are talking about… 🙂 Thanks!

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 02.12.08 om 10:39 am
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