Concept / Webdesign for Basic Orange

concept / webdesign basicorange

On behalf of Dutch interactive agency Basic Orange I came up with a concept and a design for their new agency website. Here’s a short description of what I did.


Basic Orange is very good at delivering websites and applications that simply work. The great designs that they make, for customers like Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam and Concertgebouworkest, are also based on the thought that it should be functional. Every element on these websites are there for a reason.


I translated this ‘functional, basic, simple’ feel into a website that is about as simple as it gets. Not a lot of text which tells you how good the agency is, but instead a simple overview of buttons that tell you what the company is about. The arrows on the side are always present and they give visitors a chance to discover more about Basic Orange by clicking to the left or right. Simple and functional.

The people of Basic Orange are placed at the top of the homepage because they are what Basic Orange is about: open, relaxed people with a passion for making great things that work.

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