Well, I guess it would look like this…


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  1. Great commercial! It would be so relaxing without all those annoying ads…

    “To be simple means to make a choice about whats important, and let go of all the rest.
    When we are able to do this, our vision expands, our heads clear, and we can better see the details of our lives in all their incredible wonder and beauty.”
    – John Daido Loori

  2. @Fresh Creation: I think that advertising is an opportunity to see a different kind of film/artwork.
    This ad against (other) ads is a good example of it. Beatutiful!

  3. Indeed, the psychological thing behind advertising is to sell products, but it’s the way we handle that attitude that makes us happy or not.

  4. hmm, It’s not only about the products, it’s about lifestyle and belonging to a social group of people. It’s like expressing yourself by the music you like. The happening for the people in the videos that you showed me is like a big concert, where 50% or more of the “happyness” goes to the feeling of belonging to a group. Therefore: I ‘m more concerned about the vision of the advertizers (the need for being slim or cool) than seeing the users/buyers as a victim of the advertising industry.

  5. Yes, it’s quite a brainwashing practice, but ‘people’ are not just weak creatures that undergo these ads. But buying can be part of a social group: like fashion-minded people for instance. But I see that as a sort of second-player (the buying after the social group and not the ‘unconscious buyer’ alone).

  6. The video is really appealing, the audio is something different, [offtopic] but you certainly have to take a look at the site, really nice stuff out there! [/offtopic]

  7. [url=][/url]

    it’s a conceptual design project made 2 and a half years ago. it’s a suggestion of having a ‘clean’ physical world, leaving all unnecessary information in the virtual world, being accessed IF you want. a matter of choice.

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  9. The ad-glasses make no sense to me, because there’s not really a choice for the user of it: who wants to put them on? Off cource, nobody. If someone would like to have information about commercial products: use the internet, look into folders etc…
    It would make more sense to encourage the clients of the advertising offices to be more original, creative… to make beautiful things as advertising, so that it would be a beautiful//interesting thing to see.

    The Supermarket clip expresses the whole thing better. But for me the ad-pollution is less annoying then the fact products are made for a narrow target-user-group: Cornflakes: Stupid children and women that want to be as slim as possible. There isn’t cornflakes for, just, people… It seems that every food-product needs to accomplish something: like to add more vitamins, calcium, make us slim, make us have more energy or let us be more successful etc…
    For me: the attitude of product designers to buyers is more annoying than the ad-pollution, because we can ignore that. We can’t ‘ignore’ the stuff we (are forced to) eat.

  10. @wasta: I think we got so used to advertising that we practically don’t realize the brainwashing that we go through each day… Without even knowing it we start to think we need things we don’t really need. This is why loads of people go shopping and I think it’s such a sad sight. The more luxurious stuff we buy, the poorer we are.

  11. @Elias: Yes, sometimes people put effort into creating an ad like a piece of art. If that’s the case I like to show them here. But in general it’s just companies encouraging you to buy stuff… Buy and be happy. That seems to be the message. While in the end everyone knows that owning/buying stuff is not what’s gonna make you happy.

  12. @Elias: Yes, but it seems to me that more and more people think that their happiness depends on what they own. There’s no other way that I can explain what happened at the [url=]PlayStation 3 launch[/url] and the [url=]iPhone introduction[/url].

  13. @Elias: Some people are weak creatures that undergo ads. That’s why people get into financial problems because they can’t afford the stuff that they think they have to buy….