The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is displaying an object of advanced industrial design – the BMW H2R race car – transformed by Danish Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. To be able to show the BMW art object an 800 square feet custom made freezer was put inside the museum. Cool.

Bonus video: BMW H2R Hyodrogen Racer world record attempt


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  1. By the way I LOVE YOUR BLOG !
    Thank you for giving me an fresh and open minded perspective.

    There are lots of things here in Montreal but you know it’s north america, everything is driven by cash, creation too…

  2. @IPUB: Yes. I like the BMW approach since they put serious money and effort into making beautiful art and movies. And they have done so for a long time.

    What I don’t like, and what happens a lot of times, is that an artist makes a brilliant piece of art and then later a company uses that same idea or piece of art to promote itself. For instance the [url=]Audi S3 commercial[/url].