To demonstrate how much easier it is to use two handed multi-touch interaction instead of traditional interaction, Matthijs created a two handed multi-touch virtual pizza cutting knife for his graduation assignment at Working Tomorrow. Skip the first 75 seconds if you want to go straight to the demo.

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  1. this is a ridiculous application. it seems more like these guys are over compensating for a lack of quality programming, what is the advantage to teaching someone how to spin around a “pizza cutting knife”? honestly, are they trying to imply the only applications for a multi touch screen imaginary movable images, if so, laudie da. the paper model was not interactive at all, the pieces werent even their own objects, if it were why did the pink strip of paper move with the bigger piece.

  2. @du fox: I think that they’re developping a technology and a user interface concept, for the reason of intu

  3. Dit komt me erg bekend voor! Juist!, twee jaar geleden werd er ook zoiets ontworpen.. maar dan ietsjes beter dan deze..

    Hoewel het mij een erg leuk project lijkt… en je zeker mijn credits heb .. Wordt dit zwaar overschaduwd [url=]hierdoor[/url].

  4. Hi guys, the experiment was focussed on the benefits of using both hands. The “pizza-cutting knife” allowed the user to use it left handed or right handed. A user can do two things with it, turning the ‘wheel’ and turning the ‘handle’, without this being illogical to him or her. Tests pointed out another advantage: users quickly learn/discover the posibillities of the interface.

  5. @John, Great example! yes, there is better technology out there. In those projects the question remains the same. How can the user benefit from it? That why this focusses on the user centered design on the interface offered instead of creating a perfectly working prototype. Jeff Han’s multi-touch screen that you mentioned was one of the inspirations to do this project.

  6. @Elias: The main advantage is that things respond like you’d expect them to respond without having to explain anything before that. When teaching small children this could be an advantage. Same thing for using navigation software in a car or gaming….

  7. @John: Thanks for your comment but please write your comments in English so other visitors know what you are talking about.

    And embedding a YouTube video in the comments is not possible. Next time just add a link to the YouTube video. (As you can see I helped you out this time)