To make it easy for people with disabilities and the elderly to operate an in-home robot, professor Matsumaru of the Shizuoka University came up with a new kind of interface: the step-on interface. The step-on interface (SOI) function uses a projector to display the operation screen on the surface of the floor, and the user steps on the buttons to display the operation instructions.

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  1. the system is nice but needs enhancement to smaller scale and a more practical robot for elderly people because I don’t see this one do anything but movie..

    we still ain’t got that dishwassing, vacuumcleaning robot like rosey from the jetsons 🙁

  2. come on, he would’nt be a match to a real dishwashing machine, poor thing is remote controlled and with a security wire because it’s scared it will fall.

    that robot if wireless would kick some serious … in a real live anime film 🙂

  3. @Lexx: No, it can’t compete with a dishwasher… I was only joking. But I hope they are working on robots that can put dishes in and out of the dishwasher. 🙂