The Alternative has developed a gesture based interaction screen for Orange. According to The Alternative it’s the first time that a technology like this has been shown to the public. Via the large projected image and a touch-free interface, the installation provides users with a new way to activate news, film clips and music videos.

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  1. cool! i have seen an interesting interactive window in Brasil last mounth… this is the video you can watch [url=][/url]

  2. The window in Brasil is cool but the difference with the Orange Interactive window in london is that you don’t touch it. Your motions get the window to do things not touching the actual window at all.

  3. The Gesture based window has just won a 2009 annual IVCA External Live and Experiential Communications award. It’s more international recognition for a fresh creation.
    Here’s the Judges Citation:
    β€œGround breaking truly engaging experience. Accessible and inovative approach to providing brand engagement. A fantastic 24-hour retail experience. The judges felt it stood out as a leading edge creative solution, which exceeds all their expectations. Inspiring, exciting and fun.”