A trip to the gas station of the future may no longer require the driver to leave the car. TankPitstop will do it all for you. Watch the video for a demo. Anyway, in the future we probably don’t need petrol. Instead we simply swap batteries.

via bright

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  1. like fresh said faster automated service with integrated payment system decreases the need for manned pumps and it might mean you need less pumps to accomodate the same demand. So depending on how much maintenance it needs and the cost of the robot it could decrease capital costs and overhead.

    aside from all that im sure geeks would love it, kids to. Getting your car tanked by r2d2 they’ll love it 🙂

  2. @Elias: Think of less time spent at the fuel station. What if you add an automatic paying system to this TankPitstop and tune the whole robot so it works even faster. Then you just have to pull up there, your tank gets filled automatically and you drive off.

    Instead of thinking of the machine as it is, try thinking of possible opportunities that can come from it.

  3. @Elias: It’s not about being lazy, it’s about saving time to do stuff that we WANT to to, instead of doing stuff that we HAVE to do.

    And there you go… For disabled and old persons this invention is already useful in its current state. Keep up the positive thinking. 🙂