Perhaps this Coca Cola commercial (2006) is a golden oldie to some of you but I hadn’t seen it before and was impressed by it. So impressed that I just had to post it here. Great work.

Did they get the idea from this clip? (thanks to ana for the tip!)


  1. I have seen this exact same idea in a japanesse short movie, i believe it was called “sentimental journey”.. it actually even ended the same way. The production in cocacolas’ ad is overwhelming. In the short i saw it was pretty cool but less budget.

    I wonder who copied who… ¬.¬

  2. Who’s copying who?
    Nagi Noda directed both spots.

    I worked for the production co. that did this commercial.
    Coke’s agency saw something they liked, and brought it to a much wider audience, and with better production values.

    I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, but I do like that they went back to Nagi, esp. considering that was sort of a breakout spot for her.

  3. @ana: Interesting. Especially since this is not the first time that [url=]Coca Cola commercials look like other clips[/url] (or the other way around).

    Do you think you could find the Japanese clip on YouTube?