Sony’s been creating buzz with a soon to be released Bravia (?) commercial. In the meantime here’s a cool ad for the PlayStation Network.

via reklamfeber


  1. I don’t think the Knife clip was the inspiration for the commercial. It’s just the original song. I thought Jose Gonzales had written it, but it turned out to be a cover. But a very good cover.

    It is however funny to see the colored balls in the clip. I have to say I didn’t notice them before. There are also subtle differences in the lyrics. Wonder why that is. The song is actually rather harsh: Mind is a razorblade… You knew the hand of the devil…

    I also didn’t notice that before.

    But still… a beautifull commercial al analysing put aside 😉

  2. @Piet: Yes, coloured balls in the video… and the kids are skating down a road that is going down…. Coloured balls + a road that’s going downwards = … 🙂

    Thanks for the extra info, Piet!