Prada – Trembled Blossoms

A beautiful animated commercial for Prada. I wonder what the assignment description looked like when they started making this. “Create something that is different from everything else”, perhaps? In that case they succeeded. Or does anybody know of an animation that is similar to this one?

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After watching this video, my belief of mankind has utterly failed. Prada, you have changed a beautiful brand into something that makes me think you people are all on crack or opium or heroin or some weird crap like that. Man, go get some better marketing people. Hell, I can do it better. Your next commercial: have a lady try on some nice clothes. Thank you, jerkwads. Bye for now.

geplaatst door A Disturbed Viewer op 03.24.08 om 12:15 am

brilliant stuff-
whether you one digs prada or not,
its a great art project.


geplaatst door gaston monescu op 03.24.08 om 1:00 am

Prada has been creating beautiful adds recently, take for example, Thunder, Perfect Mind with Daria Werboswy.

@A disturbed viewer: Personally, I think the general fashion business always tries to connect with art, look at L.V. Ads with Murakami, Prada and the example I Talked about earlier, or the Galliano presentations. It’s not about pretty clottes it’s about presenting them in a way to understand the creative side of fashion. I don’t want to get to the point whether fashion is art or not.

geplaatst door a.toledo. op 03.24.08 om 2:07 am

Hi, just so you know, my previous post (the first one) was a joke. And i know you mean, and I have to agree. Companies try to make fashion seem like a beautiful piece of art, and in a way, it is. Sometimes though, it can get a little too creative, and we start finding that fashion is slowly losing it’s position as the center focus. But, it’s amazing how such creative art can sprout from Prada. I still have to admit though, the animation is awesome.. but it still makes me think of a hallucination from someone who’s high. So, cheers.

geplaatst door Touched Up Knob op 03.24.08 om 11:34 am

I don’t get it at all,
what’s the link with nature?
fishes change in prada bags when you feed them?
and way too slow

geplaatst door wolf op 03.25.08 om 4:33 pm

the whole theme of the show was nature, and clearly they were inspired by animals and their surroundings !

geplaatst door aaalisson op 04.04.08 om 9:02 pm

yeah, nearly. ultimately it’s just empty space filler, careful not to have any actual consequence or blood, just like the generic pointless audio. and anytime i see a Prada label, I assume the wearer is insecure.

geplaatst door almost op 04.10.08 om 2:11 am
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