5 Ways To Increase Creativity

This is the first time that I’m actually writing a full article for Fresh Creation. The reason for writing an article is that I think it’s time to take inspiration a step further than just videos. And what better topic to start off with than how to increase your creativity. I wrote down a list that I put together through my own experiences. Let me know what you think of it.

1. Clear your workspace

In order to be creative you have to clear your workspace. Give your mind some rest to come up with ideas without constantly being confronted with stuff that you still have to clean up or file. My workspace is a desk in the corner of my living room. Since I realized that loads of stuff was just lying there, I systematically started to get rid of stuff and I started to file the stuff that I hardly used. This way my mind didn’t have to think about the mess around me and creativity could flow.

2. Talk to friends

Many times I came up with ideas by just talking to friends about the projects that I was working on. Some of these friends are working in totally different areas than me. But just that is the reason that they are able to look at a problem from a totally different perspective. A fresh look can do miracles for the whole creative process.

3. Find out what makes a project unique

If you do projects that are similar, you tend to start working on them in a similar way. This means your work starts to look alike and you get less energy out of it after you finished it. The same happened to me when I was developing concepts for companies that had similar problems, similar goals, similar… . You get the point. I discovered that this made me approach these projects as being similar. The challenge is to discover the differences instead of focusing on similarities. So if you feel like you’re duplicating instead of creating then restart and look for the things that (could) make your project unique.

4. Do less

This is one of the things that really boosted my energy and creativity. Instead of wanting to do everything in a day, I made a list of the things that were really important to me. Then I compared that list to the things that I would do during a day: check my emails every hour, check my site statistics, surfing the web for new creations, answering phone calls, answering emails…. It became clear to me that I was wasting a lot of time on stuff that were not on the list of stuff that I wanted to do. After that I started asking myself questions about all these activities. Did I really need to do them? Did I have to do them instantly? Did I have to do them so frequently? Answering all these questions made me reschedule and reorganize all my activities. Now I get a lot more done in one day. And practically all of it is stuff that I want to do in that day. Not stuff that just happens to me as I sit behind my desk. That gives great energy. And more energy leads to more creativity.

5. Do one thing at a time

During a workday I won’t turn on my computer or my phone until I am ready to start receiving and making phone calls or writing emails. This gives me time to totally focus on the work that I’m doing. No distractions. I actually have blocks of time scheduled during the day to go through my emails and make phone calls. At first it was really difficult for me to switch off the phone and not check my emails first thing in the morning. It was like a voice inside my head was saying: “Go on. Check your mail! Listen to your voicemails! Check your site statistics!” Now, after a couple of months, it starts to get easier and easier to start doing the things that I want first and then doing the stuff that needs to be done. Doing the creative work instantly in the morning, without being distracted, gives me great joy.


Good idea to write full size articles. About increasing creativity: the most important step is to ingnore influential people (clients, colleagues) and just go your own way. Eventually, the best ideas will survive.

geplaatst door Jos op 04.15.08 om 9:55 pm

On the make I use ‘Things‘, a simple app to list what i have to do today, next, someday and scheduled. It helped me a lot with the ‘do less’ step.

geplaatst door Sylvain op 04.16.08 om 5:08 pm

(oops: ‘On the make’ -> ‘On the mac’)

geplaatst door Sylvain op 04.16.08 om 5:10 pm

@Jos: Thanks for adding your tip! 🙂

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 04.27.08 om 1:36 pm

@Sylvain: Thanks for the tip… Looks pretty cool! Too bad there’s no PC version available 🙁

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 04.27.08 om 1:36 pm

thanks for giving me tips

geplaatst door AAmir op 09.06.09 om 3:59 pm

Hey thanks for that tips, it really works. Your first article is very well. Thanks again !!!!!

geplaatst door Abhijit op 11.17.09 om 8:07 am

Congratulations on your first real article, nice!

geplaatst door Michiel Wijgmans op 11.17.09 om 4:57 pm

Thanks for these Tips

geplaatst door D. Moses op 02.12.10 om 6:19 am

Yup nice article!! Bt i am not dat organized in lyf, n I dont lyk to b organized soi think it ll not work for me much…….

geplaatst door Kuntal Sarma op 07.09.10 om 1:32 pm
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