In 2006 there was a company claiming to be able to produce free and clean energy. It turned out to be a hoax. Now two Australian inventors say they have made a revolutionary generator that can produce 5 times as much power as it consumes. I hope this technology is not a hoax and the production of it won’t be stopped by the big companies.

Bonus: Free Energy another Inconvenient Truth

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  1. @Fresh: The fact that the laws of thermodynamics keep this from being true is not adding to the post?

  2. @Fresh & Christian: In defense of Christian: I immediately got what he meant! πŸ™‚ He just said in in a rather ‘popular way’. (like: “Life’s a bitch and then you die”) In my humble opinion that is not swearing. Maybe it’s just one’s perception of the word “bitch”… to me it’s humor, to another it’s swearing… it all depens where you’re coming from! πŸ˜‰ (doesn’t it mean ‘female dog’ ;-))

    And about the article: there are enough clean energy sources around. If humanity would just put a little more effort in it, we would be able to use it in a more productive way. But it’s a shame we are more interested in making money and war…

  3. @aaron, i don’t think there is a need for oil companies to suppress technology like this. read the second law of thermodynamics if you wonder why.

  4. //And about the article: there are enough clean energy sources around. If humanity would just put a little more effort in it, we would be able to use it in a more productive way. But it’s a shame we are more interested in making money and war…//

    So are you a hybrid car designer or a clean powerplant engineer? Do you actually do engineering on any sort of alternative energy? Then you are one of those who are not putting in enough effort. If you think it is easy to replace 100 year of innovations on the combustion engine and 100 years of refining oil technologies… Bite ME.

  5. @Gundam designer: 100 years of innovations on the combustion engine and 100 years of refining oil technologies sure have brought us great things, huh? 😐

    All I am saying is that if we would have invested the same amount of effort and money into developing clean energy sources as we have spent on the ‘not so clean’ energy sources, I am sure we did not need your great combustion engine anymore.

    Personally I am not ‘smart’ enough to contribute to those projects, but I am helping by not owning and driving a car, trying to consume only the energy I need.

    And I dont feel like biting YOU. I’d rather byte these girls instead.

  6. Then you definitely are one of those who are not putting in enough effort. You don’t even invest money in your supposed “green” technologies. You want without having any idea of how it should be done.

    You are a childish savage who doesn’t realize that you are fed by the combustion engine that ran on farms and shipped food to your local grocer not to mention food shipped by combustion engines in ships and air planes.

    //100 years of innovations on the combustion engine and 100 years of refining oil technologies sure have brought us great things, huh? :-|//

    100 years have just brought us ingrates who don’t know how they are fed and kept alive and willl berate the very hand that feeds them. You know the power that feeds your computer … combustion engine. Have some respect for the hard working individuals who’s minds and efforts support your life especially if you are not going to get up off you @$$ and help out with an actual solution.

  7. Sorry it is just that I do and have worked in the automotive field and to believe that these imaginary evil corporations are suppressing technology because of nothing more than some outrageous non-rational profit motive is ridiculous.

    If there was a way to get more power out of gas or any fuel it would be a huge profit maker. People would kill for a huge super efficient engine idea. Any car company that was able to manufacture a super efficient car would instantaneously have “super green” appeal. They would have a great technological advantage over all other car manufacturers and they would make tons of profit.

    All of these “free energy” people are hacks. I would maybe believe him if he was saying I have made a 100 mpg car.

    All people who say that there is some big conspiracy is making fun of people like me who help design and build cars, power plants and help to support their lazy butts. I said he was a savage because he understands our society on a savage’s level. He can no more comprehend automobiles, power plants and jet aircraft than a tribal savage out of the jungle.

    One reason I like fresh creation is because he spans the creative and worships the creative spirit. I don’t wish to be insulted by savages.

  8. @Gundam designer: Take it easy….

    Calling Starbuck a ‘childish savage’ is out of line.
    I didn’t know what a combustion engine was (used for) either…
    But now I do. πŸ˜‰

    So, relax… Go outside and enjoy the sun (it’s shining here… πŸ˜‰ ).
    Enjoy the weekend, guys!

  9. @Gundamn: Dude, you have some seruious issues going on there. Just take it easy. You should try some guided meditation. It helps.

    This was it for me here in this thread. (no worries, not taking it personal) It’s time for my zazen now!

  10. @Jake

    I work on pumps/blowers for fuel cell vehicles. I have also worked on rocket engines and torpedo engines. I am not trying to sound intelligent and I am putting my ideas to action. Therefore I can only assume you are talking about the childish savage that believes the combustion engine was a big mistake. Even though it provides him with a means to live via truck deliveries to grocery stores. I am just trying to stand up for myself and the others that work on stuff like myself and are being threatened by governmental decree to increase mpg by leaps or bounds or do not produce. These conspiracy theories are an attack at the very system that keeps us alive. Don’t you believe that our way of life is worth defending?

  11. @Gundam designer: We could try a different way of life for a change?

    “Everything is changeable, everything appears and disappears; there is no blissful peace until one passes beyond the agony of life and death.”
    – Buddha

  12. //We could try a different way of life for a change?//

    Your statement is fairly ambiguous but I will try to respond in context to the thread. People such as myself are trying to develop cleaner sources. In order to do that we need the FREEDOM for our companies to make money on their current technologies so that in turn we have profits to develop cleaner sources. Congress is threatening to pass laws that destroy the manufacturers FREEDOM to make a profit and in turn they are going to make it much harder to develop CHANGE. If congress does pass a minimum MPG manufacturing limit I might get laid off from my company. This type of regulatory talk and public DEMAND for change, even though a large percentage of the public owns SUVs (non efficient transportation), is extremely disheartening, violent and destructive. If the public truly wants change vote for it with your money not your votes and in turn your governmental guns. We, as automotive engineers, are trying to build cleaner vehicles but if we are regulated you remove FREEDOM and you remove CHANGE and it is the DEMAND of a robber to produce by force.

    What different way? Do you have a replacement for the combustion engine in all it various forms? No. You just want us to magically come up with it out of thin air. It takes years and years to develop a new technology where does all the money come from to pay for new advancements? It comes from the old technologies. It must be a gradual change anything else is by force and is the work of destroyers.

  13. A few weeks ago in Design News( I saw these statistics

    ///Gasoline packs 80 times more energy per kilogram than a lithium-ion electric vehicle battery. It holds 250 times more energy than a common lead-acid battery. So, it’s a no-brainer. Batteries can’t possibly deliver the energy needed to power the future of the auto industry, right?

    And then this following article:

    ///Wrong. With vehicle exhaust being blamed for global warming and with concerns over foreign oil availability growing, the auto industry has re-ratcheted up its efforts to develop an electric car and the battery still sits smack-dab in the middle of Alternative Energy Highway

    So basically we are trying to find some nearly impossible technology because ….

  14. I agree with Gundam Designer that we will be on combustion engines for the foreseeable future.

    what is needed to ensure the availability of fuels for transportation is to lessen their use in electrical generation. Coal to liquid will be a big part of the future. The bad news for those dreaming of a hydrogen economy, even there we will be ripping hydrogen from a hydrocarbon molecule before pumping liquid hydrogen into a car tank. The other bad new for the dreamers is wind power will only supply 10/20% of our needs and then only as a secondary source of power. We need many new nuclear power plants.

  15. Starbuck,
    (is your name ‘fresh’?), as Gundam Designer first alluded, ‘fresh creations’ cannot get around Thermodynamic principles no matter how much wishful desire one invests in the belief. Nuclear power is the cleanest and cheapest energy available. Pick up text on Thermodynamics the next time you are in a book store and you will understand.

  16. To me nuclear energy sounds old-scool. retro. ancient. Let’s try to think different for a change. fresssssssssssssssh! πŸ˜›

    but hey, it’s all good. the world could use another big nuclear disaster. the planet is overpopulated anyway. and let’s dump all that waste in the sahara. nobody lives there, right? 😐

  17. Starbuck,

    Do you get your knowledge from movies?

    There is a site built to store the nuclear waste in Nevada. Politicians and their allies in the Environmental community keep fighting the effort to move the waste from the existing 120 nuclear sites to Yucca Mountain in Nevada. It is being stored somewhere is it not?

    Thinking differently doesn’t get you around the laws of physics. But then, maybe you get your knowledge on physical laws from movies too.

  18. @fresh

    i love the bonus video. especially the ending, “these things do happen!” lol :’D

  19. Yeah Mr. Max Lemke, all I do is watch movies! I love ’em! Especially those on conspiracy theories! And sci-fi of course. Don’t care to much for action and horror though. So what are you saying, that they are not true?! πŸ˜›

    “Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do.”
    – Ronald Reagan

  20. I enjoy movies too but they are not a source of knowledge.

    Let’s agree to disagree and leave it there.

  21. However deep you guys think you are, talking about meaningless theories will not get us anywhere. Most people here are just trying to sound intelligent and sophisticated, but they arn’t.
    So how about you stop wasting time on stupid forums and get out there and put your ideas to action.
    Regards, Jake.

  22. @ Gundam Designer

    You’re correct, the comment was not directed at you. I too believe that the combustion energy was an integral to the advances we have made to date. I also strongly believe that every single person to date claiming to have a ‘free energy machine’ is a liar. These fraudulant conspiracies also contribute to the lack of enthusiam of companies trying to do the right thing and make an efficient electric motor that arn’t claiming it to be 300% efficient, (thats bollocks.) It’s humerous to read of the inventor who keep putting off a demonstration of their ‘free energy’ product. The video of the australian inventor at the top of this post is one of them, all trying to suck gullible investor into giving the money. More time and money should be spent on improving efficiency of electric motors and generator. Anything advertised a greater than 100% efficient is a hoax.