MIT Media Lab has made a new robot: Nexi. Nexi is a MDS robot, which stands for “Mobile/Dexterous/Social”. Considering the humanoid moves, sound and look, Nexi could be a view into our robotic future.

via gizmowatch


  1. Nice, beside the possible use or need of those creations, the head moves very well, rapid eye movements, the eye-brows, and for shure the movement of the entire head itself. It has a natural pitiful expression, perhaps to make it more cute…? Anyhow, I do like it more than those hero-type robots.

  2. yes, but why should children (or adults) be near such a techno-replica of a human beïng? There are ideas to let robots take care of us when we’re 90 or to use it as a cheaper babysit or so.
    (I guess that ethics in Japan are quite a bit different than ours).

    But I’m curious if there are situations where such robots can be really a breaktrough or can be wishful.

  3. Is that a positive thing? It’s something I’ve seen before with the wii games: friends playing sim-tennis together with a game console between them, instead of doing the real thing. Anyway, I don’t want to be negative.

  4. @elias: Perhaps robots like Nexi are able to give kids and the elderly the feeling that they have someone to play with / talk to…. Sounds strange perhaps but [url=]kids respond to robots[/url] like they were real living creatures.