Great music, amazing images and beautiful girls that are riding the waves. That’s what the movie/documentary Shimmer is about. But if you take a closer look at who’s behind the movie then you realize that the whole thing is one big ad for the clothing brand Roxy. If I’m right, Roxy is part of Quiksilver, which released a dynamite surfing viral last year.


  1. Hi All,

    Thanks for the kind words about Shimmer. Here’s the soundtrack:

    Shimmer music fans! Below is the Soundtrack.
    Lovestain, by Jose Gonzalez
    The Corporate Sector, by Diego’s Umbrella
    I Ran, Flock of Seagulls
    Township, by Diego’s Umbrella
    Feel by Josh Boots
    Matter of Degrees by The Makers
    I Lost It by Teem Shiva
    192020 by The Grates
    Music From The Mind by Hermitude
    Steamworks by The Presets
    Kiss Me Again by Melanie Horsnell
    Pink Fairy Floss by The Bumblebeez
    Life Goes On by Sinistapushaman

  2. @Hoink: I don’t know if there’s a playlist but if you watch the credits at the end of the video (about 39 minutes playtime) you can see which bands performed the songs.

  3. anyone know who does the advertising for Roxy and Quiksilver…? is it an agency or is it all in house creative?