Hybrid Bike

Tokyo based Axle Corporation has introduced a new electric motorbike with a hybrid plug-in, electromagnetic-permanent magnet motor, and is seven times more cost-efficient than scooters running on petrol. The company hopes to apply the technology to four wheelers.


I’ve already seen this vid years ago, and there’s a much better version of the bike in the same colors as in the Japanese Anime Movie “Akira” where they stole the concept from….

and since it’s still not for sale here because of oil giants having people in government I consider this video over date instead of fresh 🙁

geplaatst door Lexx op 05.30.08 om 10:10 pm

@Lexx: If something is fresh doesn’t depend on how old it is, nor does it depend on availability… Sheer inspiration is what counts.

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 06.01.08 om 3:59 pm
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