Sunday Sound Spotlight – Federico Aubele

Federico Aubele is an Argentine singer-songwriter who likes to mix up all kinds of genres and styles: Jamaican dub, reggae, American ambient, hip-hop, Mexican bolero and Argentine tango. I selected the songs ‘Ante Tus Ojos’ and ‘Postales’ to give you a feel of what that’s like.Ante Tus Ojos


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He is a great musican. I always like it when someone makes music, that is not possible to put in a ‘box’.
He has such a great voice.

geplaatst door Kapsel op 05.25.08 om 8:32 pm

@Kapsel: Feel free to mail me some tips if you know of any other fresh musicians/singers that not many know yet…

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 05.25.08 om 8:57 pm

Yeah i will do that.
I have a friend who is realy into that.
He knows all the good ones.
Recently i have been to London and there i saw a lot of great live performances. I will ask my friend and mail you the names.

geplaatst door Kapsel op 05.25.08 om 9:00 pm

@Kapsel: That’s great… Thanks!

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 05.25.08 om 9:06 pm

Federico releases a new album tomorrow exclusively on iTunes…”Cookin with Federico” was recorded from a live studio session in Buenos Aires earlier this year and has acoustic versions of songs from his previous albums Gran Hotel Buenos Aires and two previously unreleased tracks, one of which is currently on his myspace page…

geplaatst door katie op 05.26.08 om 6:34 pm
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