Antony Gormley – Another Place

Another Place by Antony Gormley comprises 100 cast-iron sculptures made from 17 different moulds taken from the sculptor’s own body. Installed on Crosby Beach on the Mersey Estuary, all facing the open sea, the work covers a distance of almost 3km with the pieces placed 250m apart along the tide line, and up to 1km out towards the horizon. The movement of local tides and daily weather conditions dictate whether the figures are visible or submerged.

Antony Gormley – Blind Light

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Hey Martjin,

If not always, then almost every time you embed a youtube video, it seems to have been removed from youtube (which is the case in this post). I don’t know if you’re doing something wrong that triggers “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available”, or if every video you post actually has been removed from the site. Either way, I think you should look in to it. I’ve always been able to find the videos when I search for them on youtube, so to me it seems more like a bug than bad luck.

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Anyway, I love the blog. Keep it up!

geplaatst door Tobias op 06.13.08 om 8:10 pm

I saw this in 2003 in De Panne (Belgium) Impressive an soothing at the same time. It’s like the time is standing still. But I tought they had their eyes all at the same height, what should explain why some were with their feet in the sand and other rising on a pole. I may be wrong about this, I can’t find any confirmation.

geplaatst door Jixop op 06.14.08 om 8:53 pm

A lovely collection of Antony Gormley’s work, can be found on

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