Public Gaming With Your Mobile

You see a huge display in a public area which invites you to swtich on the Bluetooth connection on your mobile so you can start playing Snake against others that happen to be in the same area. All of a sudden the people standing next to you are your competitors. I think this is only a first step of what’s to come. Nevertheless, a pretty cool first step.
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Another example of this is a pretty cool word game I once played on an e-culture conference. It also had a big screen and Bluetooth as the ingrediĆ«nts. You had to write a poem together. A computer program started the first line and chose a random bluetooth id, who’s owner had to enter one word. Every 30 secs another random bluetooth id was chosen.

This worked well, except for the people in the crowd that didn’t want to play or didn’t know their bluetooth was on.

I think this type of public gaming can be vastly improved and popularised when more open standards are used in mobile phones (e.g. Android).

geplaatst door Pixelstyle op 06.19.08 om 9:10 am

@Pixelstyle: Sounds interesting. You don’t know of a video that was made of that poem-writing installation?

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 06.19.08 om 1:20 pm
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