Since It’s Friday – Origami Robot

Nearly weekend. Time for some… origami. This video shows a Japanese surgeon making origami with a DaVinci robot. At the end of the clip you see just how small the origami bird is when they show it next to a coin. Who said surgery can’t be fun? Have a good weekend!
Thanks to Linton for the tip!


Wow… I kept telling myself that this was tiny, but the extraordinarily precise movements of the robotic hands made head think there were real human arms inside of the robotic ones. Very awesome mechanics, making me curious of how they function.

geplaatst door BOLL op 06.16.08 om 1:00 am


maybe you should have read the intro better, It was controlled by human hands, a Japanese surgeon to be more precise.

geplaatst door Random op 06.16.08 om 3:11 pm

Random person, I think you misread my comment, and my name.

I wasn’t saying that they were not controlled by a human, but that I continued to imagine that the actual robotic arms contained human arms doing the motions. Like gloves.

geplaatst door BOLL op 06.16.08 om 4:34 pm
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