Lego Touch For The iPhone

If you have an iPhone you can now start to build your own Lego character, a 3D Lego building or play Lego games with Lego Touch. Pick the colour of the bricks, drag and drop, post your creations online. Watch the video for a demo.

Thanks to Henk Jan for the tip!


I was all excited, but I think this was just a proof-of-concept and it has nothing to do with the Lego company.

geplaatst door Pixelstyle op 10.28.08 om 6:34 pm

@Pixelstyle: So just because it’s a concept it doesn’t excite you? 😉

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 10.29.08 om 6:14 pm

Sorry, I meant to say: I am all excited 😉

I hope they work with the Lego company to build this for real.

geplaatst door Pixelstyle op 10.30.08 om 7:41 am

hello all,

first off thanks for your interest in the lego touch app.
we are actively seeking funding to make this concept a reality.
To be kept in the loop, email us at:

thanks and play/on

geplaatst door play-nyc op 10.31.08 om 4:56 pm
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