Next year the Nokia N97 will be introduced. Will it beat the iPhone? Well, big pluses for me are the qwerty keyboard, the 5 megapixel camera and the quality of the videos it can shoot. Just like the iPhone the Nokia N97 also has a touchscreen.


  1. @devliegendeamsterdammer: The camera of the N97 is way better than the one of the iPhone.

    @Pixelstyle: Yes, I understand what you’re saying. I’m very curious if the ‘Nokia community’ is just as active in coming up with applications like the iPhone community is.

  2. Bummer! I was going for the iPhone, but now I am in serious doubt! What to do?! A good camera is quite important for me, since my Canon Ixus is on the verge of breaking down and besides, carrying around a separate camera is so 2004! 😉