Violenn Simon made a book full of drawings of which each drawing is a part of the song People Are Strange by The Doors.

Bonus: The Doors – People Are Strange

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  1. I was at a Spinvis concert last year. A guy named Joost made a clip for his song smallfilm. I translated the tekst so you can understand the images that go with the lyrics… maybe 😉

    Spinvis Smalfilm

    I’m a woman, age 40 with a cigarette
    I’ve got an alien substance in my blood
    Last year I was kidnapped by a u.f.o.
    Since then things haven’t been going that good
    I know where they live because you can tell
    when you turn around the letters of their name*
    Truth is a riddle and it goes like this:
    It’s a good friend but always to late

    I’ve got my own apartment, I’ve got the radio on
    It’s Wednesday, I’ve got a golf GTI
    A while back I’m sure I killed cyclist
    But luckily I’m sure no one saw
    I rarely finish a sentence
    And I’m really hard to fool
    Destiny is a riddle and it goes like this:
    It’s free but never without a cost

    When I go out I’m a photographer
    I’m a writer in the company of friends
    Momentarily I’m out of work
    But soon I’ll be starting my first book
    In the mirror I practice to pose I’ll take
    For the picture on the back
    Dreams are a riddle and it goes like this:
    They don’t melt in your hand they melt in your head

    I’m a monolith, I am science itself
    I’m a big man almost 50 years
    Today I cut a mouse in half
    And glued it back together again
    But sometimes from a corner girls ‘ll look at me
    From the shadow of cathedral
    everything’s a riddle and I just don’t know
    in what form or in what tongue

    I’m very old and I miss my wife
    And my old hands, they shake all day
    Downstairs you can play cards near the vending machine
    But my daughter just won’t allow me to play
    People tell me how great of a dealer I am
    I smile it’s all I can do
    I’ve got a riddle ’bout loneliness and it goes like this:
    It hurts and counts for two!

    * in Dutch naam is name, and when you turn the letters round you get maan and that’s Dutch for Moon.