100 Changes I Made In 1 Year

Here’s a list of 100 things I changed in the period of 1 year. Well, some things may be 14 months ago but I hope you can forgive me for that… 😉 Some things in the list are very practical changes others are changes that took place ‘on the inside’. I was actually surprised about the amount of changes. It’s a nice way for me to look back at 2008 and I hope it will be of help to you too.

1. Running 3 times per week
2. Not being focused on the result but on enjoying the doing itself
3. Living life in line with my beliefs
4. Started meditating twice a day
5. Spending more time with my family
6. Focusing Fresh Creation on what I am really interested in
7. Talking about feelings in an open way
8. Spotting the connection between complete strangers and myself
9. Doing less
10. Selling my car
11. Buying a good bicycle
12. Buying a good office chair
13. Buying a good pillow
14. Changing the height of my desk
15. Buying a Wacom tablet instead of using a mouse
16. Started enjoying doing the dishes
17. Reading more books on spiritual matters, personal development, science and matters of the mind
18. Started looking for ways to help others
19. Started really listening to the lyrics of music
20. Accepting less plastic bags when shopping
21. When making a purchase I now ask myself: “Do I really need this?
22. When making a purchase I now ask myself: “Do I really need to buy this new or can I also buy it secondhand?
23. Trying not to judge people
24. Making love to my girlfriend while not being focused on (me and/or her) having an orgasm
25. Started really listening to people
26. Buying energy-efficient light bulbs
27. Doing the dishes only twice per week
28. Buying proper running gear
29. Giving more money to homeless people
30. Trying not to let my pain do the talking when confronted with a frustrating situation
31. Watching less TV
32. Turning off the TV if nothing is on
33. Watching movies and documentaries that broaden my mind
34. Being open to life
35. Being open to letting my body heal itself
36. Taking my time when sitting on the toilet
37. Taking my time when cleaning up the table
38. Taking my time when brushing my teeth
39. Trying to see it as okay when problems arise
40. Trying to write songs by just completely focusing on that one activity, without thought
41. Stopped watching porn
42. Giving gifts without any particular reason
43. Giving more compliments to people
44. Stopped reading free newspapers
45. Stopped car magazine subscription
46. Taking more long walks
47. Redirecting all my mail accounts to Gmail
48. Making more time to talk to my girlfriend
49. Going to the doctor if something doesn’t feel right
50. Getting rid of all the stuff in my house that I didn’t need (a lot!)
51. Organizing the rest of my stuff in a way that brings peace
52. Making a scedual and adding to my agenda when to clean the apartment
53. Cleaning up my YouTube channel subcriptions
54. Cleaning up my RSS-feeds
55. Each year making a list of things that I’m going to work on
56. Giving away clothes that I didn’t wear
57. Drinking less coffee
58. Drinking more tea
59. Drinking no alcohol
60. Eating less meat
61. Trying to experience each situation as something from which I can learn
62. Trying to let go of all the rules that I made up myself and which don’t bring joy
63. Trying to stay focused
64. Eating a lot of fruit
65. Being thankful for all the good that comes my way (even if it’s small things)
66. Showing my thankfulness
67. Making time to rest
68. Celebrating small things
69. Sharing ideas and knowledge
70. Trying to use my knowledge/talents to help others
71. Trying to live in the now
72. Accepting gifts without the thought of feeling obliged to give something back
73. Putting piles in boxes
74. Becoming aware that I don’t know what others are thinking
75. Becoming aware that I can’t control what others are thinking
76. Trying to look at a situation from the point of view of the other
77. Became aware that adults are just kids that turned older
78. Stopped trying to be special
79. Helping others become aware of opportunities
80. Started using positive thinking to create a new version of myself
81. Trying to do one thing at a time
82. Trying to check my email only twice per day
83. Stopped working in the evening
84. Giving away DVD’s that I didn’t watch
85. Using a small black book (Moleskin) to write down activities that I have to do which are not time-specific
86. Writing down time-specific activities in my agenda
87. Doing activities that take less than 2 minutes instantly
88. Decided to start learning Spanish (not started yet because classes were full)
89. Trying to be open about the ‘life experiments’ that I’m doing
90. Became aware that I need very little money to live
91. Became aware that a lot of people see a busy life as the right way to live
92. Started doubting if that (91) is true.
93. Telling my girlfriend how wonderful she is (words like that were never easy for me, but I’m starting to get the hang of it now 😉 )
94. Stopped defining myself as being this or being that (when you define yourself or someone else as being this or being that you create a fixed image of yourself or that person in your mind, if you let go of this habit anything is possible, anyone can be(come) anything)
95. Started thinking of ‘seeing a psychologist’ as simply caring about my mental health
96. Sold both the Play Station and the Wii
97. Became aware that you can only experience love by giving
98. Started noticing situations which caused stress
99. Started to realize that stress is based on thoughts
100. Became aware of the difference between thoughts and reality


@devliegendeamsterdammer: And the list isn’t even complete…. 😉

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 01.29.09 om 7:49 pm

Wow… that are a lot of changes for one year! 😉

geplaatst door robinhoed op 06.24.09 om 5:06 pm

Why stop watching porn?

geplaatst door Crystal op 05.04.10 om 8:14 am

@Crystal: Because practically all porn shows a very strange view on the relationship between men and women. I also discovered there’s a big difference between making love and having sex. Making love is about giving while having sex is about what you get out of it. Making love is about enjoying the whole process of being together and touching eachother while having sex is focused on having an orgasm. Watching porn didn’t help me make the shift from having sex to making love. So I decided to stop watching it. I’m glad I did.

geplaatst door freshcreation op 05.04.10 om 8:30 am

Good list! Wonder if you will be able to continue all these improvements. Maybe you can update us on this in 12 months.

But why exactly 100 items? Check this post:

geplaatst door Jos Reinhoudt op 05.06.10 om 12:34 pm
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