Great Creations Are Serious (Not Solemn)

Graphic designer and artist Paula Scher says you need to be serious, not solemn, to design great things. She makes clear what she means by this by showing some of her best designs.


Though the presentation is very inspiring I don’t see why the words ‘serious’ and ‘solemn’ are so important. To me these words are more confusing than helpful. Instead of ‘serious’ I would put the words ‘with full attention, not distracted by thoughts’, instead of ‘solemn’ I would put the words ‘based on thought, not on true creativity, not based on the stillness from within’.

Main lesson

To me the presentation confirmed my thoughts on where true creativity comes from: stillness. If you are not thinking you are fully experiencing and concentrating on what you are doing at that very moment. This brings joy to creation since you have no clue yet where this will lead you. This gives you energy and it will be the only way to produce true ‘fresh creations’.

Kids know this lesson already

Kids are great at this because they haven’t learned about the many rules that adults apply. That’s why they can spend hours playing with simple blocks. They have no clue what the result will be but they enjoy the process. The ‘making’ itself. They are not focused on the outcome. When they get older they are taught to focus on result. This is where we lose touch with true creativity.

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