Meet Adi Dassler

Meet Mr. Adi Dassler. Learn how Adidas’ founding father first came up with the three stripes. 60 years of Adidas history.


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The Story of the feud between Adi and Rudolf Dassler is very interesting. The brothers seemed to have gotten into an argument and split up forming Adidas en Puma.

If you can understand German… this is an interesting documentary about the Adidas and Puma story!

In part two of the documentary it becomes clear what the tipping point of the conflict was. The family Adi Dassler went in a bomb shelter when Rudolf’s wife Friedl and her sister were already inside. Adolf was yelling “They are here again those bastards” (loose translation) when Friedl thought Adolf meant the two sisters. But Adi meant to talk about the bombing army. This matter was never resolved and made the two families split up.

Of course the real reason was money! As in a lot of family feuds…

It actually gets rather grim between the two brothers as the story continues. It becomes a little ‘war’ in their hometown that is divided in two camps. Before greeting each other people look at the shoes someone is wearing to see which side they are on. Are you on the side of Adi the silent inventor or Rudolf the great salesman? A story of rivalry, company espionage and even violence. Though not as violent as it was there still is a fierce competitive feud between the two companies.

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Now let’s hear the Puma story! Who will make the movie? 😉

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