Michael Beckwith – Focus On Opportunities To Serve The World

Michael Beckwith shares his positive view of the world with us. He believes that everyone has a unique talent that they can use to serve the world. He says that the world as a whole is not so bad as it may seem in the media. In this area a shift is happening.The focus of media nowadays is on ‘bad things happening’: war, rumours of war, the eroding rain forest, the ozone layer… That’s why everybody has a distorted view of the world. That view will change since the media will start to focus more and more on opportunities.


It remind me that in france since 20years “Ghetto people” (Cité) who lived in high tower in suburban “banlieu” in each big or small cities said this: “Media always show us our bad things (violence, burning cars, drugs), they never show our good part”.

Until now i thought they overestimate this, they complain as victim, they don’t take care themselves of their image.

They surely don’t look at the media as others, some turned off, others became anger.

Cité became more violent, with guns (like in US) but they also launched and live the urban culture who have now influence all the marketing and aesthetic style.

geplaatst door guillaume op 01.25.09 om 10:27 am

@guillaume: Thanks for your comment. Good to hear that the video made you consider to view a situation from a different perspective. That means you start to connect with others….

You will probably also enjoy the song Good People by Jack Johnson since it”s related to this topic (look at tomorrow’s post).

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 01.25.09 om 6:05 pm

This dude was also in the Secret. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0846789). Although he has a point here, that movie was really silly.

geplaatst door robinhoed op 06.24.09 om 5:06 pm

Come to think of it, he also appeared in the Serious Business of Happiness. Now that was a great documentray! 🙂

geplaatst door robinhoed op 06.24.09 om 5:06 pm
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