Paul Newman In The Verdict

Here’s Paul Newman in The Verdict. His words are about how fear turns people into victims. Instead of being a victim people can create a better world by simply believing in themselves and putting into practice what they think is just.


@devliegendeamsterdammer: Well, I do have to turn up the volume but then everything is can be heard clearly… PS Did you spot Bruce Willis in the audience? 😉

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 01.21.09 om 6:04 pm

The sound is not loud enough. Even at maximum volume (both clip and pc) I can’t understand anything he says. Or is that just me?

geplaatst door robinhoed op 06.24.09 om 5:06 pm

[…] you putting into practice what you think is just? The Paul Newman video inspired me to ask you this question. I think it’s an important question to ask yourself. It’s […]

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