What Is The Most Inspiring Thing Ever Said To You?

What is the most inspiring thing ever said to you? This clip from The Office gives quite an unusual answer… My own answer would be: “It’s not like you’re gonna starve from hunger.” A man said this to me after I told him that I was afraid to quit the job that I had back then. His simple answer put everything in perspective. So: What is the most inspiring thing ever said to you?


Live your life for yourself and you will find you can bring more to any table.

geplaatst door plemke1 op 01.16.09 om 6:32 pm

@plemke1: Did anyone ever say that to you or did you read that somewhere?

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 01.17.09 om 4:25 pm

“Why don’t you just quit your job right now?”

Said to me by a friend when I was thinking about starting my own company for a long time. And I did quit my job the next day. Best decision I ever made job-wise.

geplaatst door Pixelstyle op 01.17.09 om 5:13 pm

I think it was one of my older sister’s friends. He was successful and happy and I was being taken out of my parents house by the state at the time and I was looking for some guidance. He said that I should live my life for myself and come to my own conclusions about things. He explained it is only by being a free thinker that someone can truly be creative. And a person with an abundance of creativity can bring more to the table, job, problems, solutions, and society.

geplaatst door plemke1 op 01.17.09 om 6:52 pm

Pixelstyle it has got to be great having your own employment.

geplaatst door plemke1 op 01.17.09 om 6:55 pm

@Pixelstyle: Thanks for sharing your story here… Sometimes the answer to our fears are quite clear but we need someone else to point out how simple the answer is 😉

@plemke1: And have you been bringing more to the table ever since?

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 01.18.09 om 10:27 am

Sure. It has helped me keep my own integrity while keeping open mind toward new solutions. My self integrity has allowed me to keep that unique and individual portion of myself vibrant and flourishing. Adopting “blind faith” dogma’s only limits creativity but if you can adopt things based in reality and understood from your own mental mindset then you can start to build a philosophy of design. An integrated framework on which to build.

geplaatst door plemke1 op 01.19.09 om 5:23 am

@plemke1: And how would you define ‘self integrity’?

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 01.19.09 om 10:05 am

The webster’s dictionary defines it as this – firm adherence to a code of especially artistic values. I think it should be re-framed in the context of my statements toward an aspect of unbreached or undivided ideals. That my design work should be with one vision in mind not a cobbled together mess.This is also the way have decided to live. That everything serve a purpose from entertainment to schooling to evaluation of others to make me a better designer. This is of course an ideal so there are times I betray it, obviously, but that I strive for it is important. That I do not start something and then quit it and repeat this process. I finish and I learn from each design task and try to integrate that into a framework of me. Don’t give up or betray that core self that is unique and distinct to you. Integrity..

Live your life for yourself and you will find you can bring more to any situation.

geplaatst door plemke1 op 01.19.09 om 3:51 pm

@plemke1: Thanks for sharing that. But how did you discover what your vision/values were?

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 01.19.09 om 6:48 pm

I define my values by analyzing the various attributes of things that I find in the course of my life. This leads me to seeing ideas behind “made” things or things within my world. Even if I do not specifically distinguish the attributes as correct it can lead to interesting thought and discovery of what I value. Some people have been doing this in nature for thousands of years. Hence flight of birds lead to the attribute of flight which eventually lead to the ideas of thrust and lift which lead to the industry of aviation. I love searching out new things to fuel my curiosity, my vision and help define what it is that I value don’t you? Everyone does this innately even if they do not understand it fully. It is just the way humans work.

geplaatst door plemke1 op 01.20.09 om 3:28 pm

@plemke1: Thanks for explaining. I think I focus mostly on what I can learn from situations. Encounters with people. They are the most challenging and the biggest learning experiences to me.

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 01.21.09 om 12:32 pm

To me most, and I mean MOST, people are simple. There is that rare bird that I have seen little of and know very few of, the innovator. The man/woman who is action personified and does more than he/she talks and has a superlative creative mind. I suppose this is why I frequent forums and internet chats like this. I am always searching for them.

geplaatst door plemke1 op 01.21.09 om 10:42 pm
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